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Enabling legislation                

"An act relating to the Key Largo Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services District, Monroe County; creating a special district;"

The following items provide an overview* of the KLFR&EMS District and Board responsibilities for:

 Establishing fire rescue and emergency services by entering into contracts with qualified service providers for fire protection, fire fighting services,   rescue services, emergency medical services and other services as required for the proper operation of the district, and employing personnel.

            (Contracted with Key Largo Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department)

            (Contracted with Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corp.)

 Purchasing standard insurance policies for:

            All equipment and personal property on loan to the district.

            All equipment and personal property belonging to the district.

            The protection of all personnel.

 Purchasing all necessary real and personal property.

 Selling surplus real and personal property as required by County regulations.

             Preparing and adopting an annual budget.

             Levying and collecting ad valorem taxes.

             Preparing an annual report.

 Authorizing a reasonable schedule of user charges for:

            Special emergency services

            Fighting fires in or at refuse dumps or as a result of an illegal burn.

            Responding to, assisting or mitigating emergencies health and safety.

                        of the public, property or environment (including false alarms).

            Inspecting structures, plans, equipment to determine compliance with

                        Safety codes (Contracted with Monroe County See ILA)

 Collecting Impact Fees to provide fire protection and emergency services to new construction.

 Authorizing borrowing money or obtaining loans.

 Using district funds in accordance with regulations. 

             Maintaining KLFR&EMS records, including minutes of  board meetings.

             Adopting rules and regulations.

             Authorizing enactment of fire prevention ordinances.

             Authorizing the district to appoint a fire marshal and conducting inspections.

                        (Contracted with Monroe County See ILA)

             Creating exclusive charter for the KLFR&EMS District.

             Providing for district expansion, annexation of district lands, and dissolution of the district.

*Refer to Florida Statute Chapter 2005-329 for verbatim wording of responsibilities.

KLFR&EMS District">

KLFR&EMS District, P. O. Box 371023, Key Largo, FL 33037-1023

For General Questions for Information about the KLFR&EMS District, you may contact the Distict Clerk at info@klfrems.org.

Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law.  Most written communications to or from the KLFR&EMS District regarding KLFR&EMS District business are public records available to the public and media upon request.  Your e-mail communication may be subject to public disclosure

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