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To access the Draft and Final Report & Slide Presentation
 of the Key Largo Fire Department Evaluation
go to the News Page. 


The KLFR&EMS District Board identified a need for a Management Assessment to be conducted at the Key Largo Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Inc. to determine the manpower and vehicles resources required to support the department.

Emergency Services Consulting, Inc. (ESCI) was selected by the District Board to conduct the Needs Analysis Management Assessment of the Key Largo Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Inc.  ESCI is a National firm that specializes in providing high-quality professional fire consulting services throughout the United States and Canada.

ESCI is recognized as an expert in the field by the emergency services community.  This is confirmed by their ongoing relationship with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), the United States Department of Defense, the Western Fire Chiefs Association, the Florida Fire Chiefs Association, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the Washington State Association of Fire Chiefs, and the National Volunteer Fire Council.

The major tasks included in this Management Assessment include:

♦   Development of Project Work Plan

♦   Review of Background Information

♦   Stake holder’s Input

♦   Fire Department Agency Analysis

            →  Organization Overview

            →  Management Component

            →  Personnel Management

            →  Staffing

            →  Capital Assets & Capital Improvement Programs



                        Support Equipment

                        Financing Methods

            →  Delivery Systems:  Suppression, Rescue, EMS and HazMat

            →  Training Programs

            ♦   Development and Review of Draft Project Report

            ♦   Delivery and Presentation of Final Project Report

By interviewing stake holders; and capturing, reviewing and analyzing data from the Fire Department, ESCI will be able to provide objective, well-informed decisions regarding the personnel and capital expenses required by the Fire Department; thereby allowing the KLFR&EMS District Board to make more well-informed decisions when approving departmental budget requests for personnel, vehicles and equipment.

The KLFR&EMS District Board is expecting the Final Report in the 1st quarter of 2007.

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